Days & Works of a Creative Man
Wind telecoms
Οι τηλεπικοινωνίες της Wind ήταν ο μεγαλύτερος πελάτης της Cream την περίοδο 2007-2010. Χειρισμοί και συγκυρίες δεν καθιστούσαν εύκολο να δουλεύεις για τον πελάτη αυτόν, εκέινη την εποχή. Ευτυχώς ήμασταν αρκετά δημιουργικά groups και η δουλειά μοιραζόταν. Εδώ παρουσιάζονται κάποια projects που γλίτωσαν τη λαίλαπα και στέκονται αξιοπρεπώς. Wind Telecommunications was the largest account of Cream agency for a period of three years. Manipulations and circumstances did not make it easy at the time to work for this account. Luckily we were quite enough creative groups to share the projects. Here is some work that survived the storm and stands still with some dignity.

A mate really buzzes all day his close friend looking for some relief because his girlfriend dumped him. «Why did this happen to me, mate?» our tvc hero asks all day long, indifferent to mobile costs as long he has the Wind 300 programme. 2009. Production company: Max Productions, Director: Panos Koronis
“Europe comes closer” is the message of this tvc for low cost mobile roaming. Europe capital cities are written in greek public signs style, meaning that you can talk from and to abroad countries with costs as if calling your village within Greece. Copywriter: Alex Esslin. 2009, Production company: Max Productions Director: Panos Koronis
Everything adjusts up to your needs automatically. Tvc for WIND “Automatic” programme, 2009. Production company: Max Productions Director: George Korianitis
Posters for roaming with WIND in Greece, 2008.